Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vintage Wedding Ideas

Hello again Details blog readers! I hope you’re having an absolutely fantastic first week of June! If you are not, then I am truly sorry but I have some news that may cheer you right up. The blog post you are about to read will hopefully inspire you and get the creative wedding juices flowing. We all know how stressful it can be to plan a wedding. I don’t know about you but when I’m stressed, what I really need is a reminder of how beautiful life can be. I might go on a walk and lose myself in my surroundings or concoct a spontaneous adventure with a good friend.  Whatever it takes to refocus and recalibrate! Don’t let yourself get sucked into the sometimes tedious details of wedding planning. You SHOULD be letting your wedding coordinator (cue Details) handle those things for you! If you haven’t already talked to Jami or Nicole about how Details can make your life easier, you should really get on that. What are you waiting for?!

It looks like I’ve gotten a little carried away. Silly me. (But really, you should call them.) Anyway, this blog post is about vintage wedding ideas. Which just happens to be MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE wedding topic! I love the idea of taking something old and bringing it back to life. Let’s take a few moments, maybe this is your mini-escape today, and explore some of the super cool, beautiful, and soul-reviving stuff I found! 

1. Do you know what this is? If you don’t, you should call up your parents and verbally berate them for depriving you of a childhood staple. It’s a Float and Sundae Bar! Such an awesome vintage idea. The classic shake and sundae glassware are adorable details that make this dessert bar special. Note the straws, too! I guarantee your guests will rave about this feature should you choose to incorporate it.

2. For a second, I wondered how I would pass this off as “vintage.” Don’t fret; I’ve figured it out. The Polaroid camera you’ll need for this wedding memory is what makes the idea vintage! When’s the last time you saw a Polaroid camera? AT LEAST a decade ago, right? Vintage enough for me! That was half a lifetime ago for some of us. (Okay, me.)

Upon seeing this, I immediately pinned it to my own wedding inspiration board on Pinterest. I adore this idea. Buy a Polaroid camera (if you can’t dig one out of your closet or attic) and leave it for guests to take a picture of themselves as they’re finding their table number. BAM! Instant awesome memories. Future memories, too. When you show these pictures to your kids in 20 years, everyone will get a good laugh out of the hair and clothing styles. Awww, bonding! 

3. This, THIS!! is the epitome of vintage. Beautiful vintage. The bold colors, the feathers, the china, the couch…it takes my breath away. This set-up probably isn’t something you’d be able or want to have for every table at your reception but it’s perfect for the head table. The candelabra and vases are items that Details offers for rental! Perfect! If you’re a Details client, you’re that much closer to making this picture perfect table setting a reality for your wedding. 

So there you have it, folks! Some super cute and original vintage wedding ideas that anyone can add to her wedding. I hope this post at least got you thinking about the crazy awesome ways you can jazz up your own special day! If you find yourself in need of more inspiration, just visit the Details’ Pinterest page where we have a board titled, “Vintage Wedding Ideas.”

Maybe you read this article and loved the ideas but aren’t planning a vintage-themed wedding. You should still check out the Details’ boards! There’s another titled, “Wedding Ideas” with all sorts of ceremony and reception pictures, ideas and DIY projects. We’re always adding new pins to our Pinterest boards so be sure to check back periodically! Don’t forget to stop by here again soon, too!

PS – If you have any ideas of your own, please share them below in the comments section! We’d love to hear your thoughts :)


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