Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unique DIY Place Card Holders

Delicious candies, toothpicks, and stickers - easy as 1, 2, 3

Need place card holders?  Looking for an embellishment for your dining tables? Want to personalize the wedding favor?

Some brides have the creativity and desire to provide a personal, handmade item for their guests.  This is a great place to use that talent since these can be made well in advance of the event.  Your local craft or hardware store (or event grocery!) can provide inspiration and product. 

Remember the following as helpful tips:

  • Simple is often best
  • Start well in advance in case you need to go to Plan B
  • Do not use chocolate if you'll be outdoors
  • Holders utilizing fruit should be very simple and easy enough to assemble the day of the event for freshness
  • Make sure they will stand or lay exactly as you want them
  • Enlist the help of other creative friends and family to make it go faster and make it more fun!
  • Have all supplies ready when you begin

Customize the votive holder for a multi-tasking decoration - place card, romantic candlelight, and guest favor
Have a special theme? Get creative like this bride did by handpainting wooden knobs to look like baseballs

Who could resist these? Slip the place card into the ring
Remember, these are last minute items

It doesn't get any simpler than this

Perfect for a fall reception
This is Sculpey Clay, painted, and with rings
added to hold the cards.  Sculpt the clay into shape you like

Adorable little rounds of wood -
perfect for that outdoor, woodsey wedding
How fun!  And a beautiful addition to the
place card table and dining table
Be sure to wear safety goggles while drilling the holes.
Attach the wire with Super Glue.
It's hard to beat a cookie!  Attach it to the place card or
pipe the name and table number right on the cookie

Of course, if you don't have the time or creativity, Details is happy to create these personalized items for you.  Just ask!

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